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Why Is It Important To Have A Financial Plan?

Like anything of worth, a financial plan provides a foundation for how you spend your money, how you save your money, and how you invest your money to reach your goals and dreams, both now and in retirement.

We see your financial plan in “Degrees of Planning”. A virtual road map personalized for your needs.



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Those who could benefit from a foundational plan include:

  • New families – Getting established and finding a direction for the future.
  • Individuals making a great start – New job…new home…new town… finding the financial “things” that fit for you.
  • People wanting a savings plan – Up and running? Find help making your money work for YOU.
  • People going through life changes – Moving… getting married… divorce… life changes require a new look at your finances.
  • “Putting it all together” mindset – Been busy doing it yourself? Lots of parts to fit together? You need a PLAN!
  • A “getting from here to there” goal – A vacation home…a boat…retiring early… dreams become reality when you have a PLAN.
  • People wanting to manage debt – Debt is an often necessary “evil.” You don’t have to be burdened though!


Emergent planning candidates may be identified as:

  • Professionals – Dentists, doctors, attorneys, CPAs, salespeople ALL need help building a financial future.
  • Business owners – You’re focused on your business…who’s focused on YOU?
  • Corporations /Corporate ownership – Going beyond taxation and asset protection… how does your corporation benefit you?
  • Tax Strategies – Tax now, tax later…tax mitigation. There’s a LOT you can do NOW to help!
  • Investment Planning – Do it yourself? Too many moving parts. You KNOW you need an outside voice.
  • Retirement Income Planning – Saving and spending are two very different things.
  • Special needs planning – There’s a lot you can do to provide for the special needs people you love.
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Prospective advanced planning clients tend to have issues like:

  • High net-worth – Where is your net-worth positioned? It’s a very different set of obstacles. 
  • Wealth preservation – Friction on your money comes from every quarter. How can you be sure you’ve covered all of your bases?
  • Estate transfer -Keeping your money while you’re alive is “easy…” Want to pass it on and create a legacy? Now THAT needs attention.
  • Business succession – Transitioning a business to the next generation seems simple, but what are you missing?
  • Generational planning – You’ve accumulated and saved for your future, and some to pass on. Who will help your next generation?
  • Legacy planning – How do you want to be remembered? Who do you want to remember you?
  • Charitable gift planning – There are better ways to show your love to the causes you care about.